Method Of Harvesting And Packing Rolled Sod
  Sod is mechanically harvested to 24” wide x 60” long (10 sq.ft.). Rolled grass to soil, it is stacked on a 4’ x 4’ pallet, which contains 600 sq. ft. ( 60 pcs.) and weighs approximately 2000-2500 lbs. depending on moisture content.
Big Roll System
Ideal for large areas (over 30,000 sq.ft.) that are relatively free of trees and other obstacles. Sod is cut 4’ wide x 50’ long (200 sq.ft.). A laying device and rods are provided for customers tractors. The laying device will require a $500 deposit and a $25 deposit required for each rod.
Vacuum Cooled Sod
Extends freshness in hot weather
Dependable, cool supply to meet your demands
Install sod during warm weather with confidence
Over thirty years of proven cooling experience
Delivery Equipment
Sod will be delivered on trucks with mechanical unloaders and placed in an area, which is truck accessible as the buyer’s representative designates; however, final decision as to accessibility rests with the driver. Factors such as power lines, obstructions, soft surfaces, and adverse terrain must be considered from the standpoint of safety. When available and pre-arranged, up to one half hour of forklift time for unloading and pallet placement will be at no charge.