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Our farms located in Shoreham,Eastport,Calverton and Riverhead have some of the finest mineral soil in the region. Here we grow the finest Kentucky Bluegrass.

We choose only Gold Tag seed. This is the purest seed available. Before selecting varieties we test them on our farms to be certain they will perform for you. Only then are these cutting edge elite varieties planted.

We carefully evaluate the growth of our sod and apply high quality fertilizers when needed. An aggressive Integrated Pest Management program monitors for insects and disease. We only seek solutions when problems actually arrive.

When we harvest our sod it is healthy and has a mature and extensive root system. We proudly offer it for sale as the finest sod money can buy.

We feature our famous Dura Sod, 100% Kentucky Bluegrass sod. Specially selected varieties ensure a Dense, Dark, Disease and Drought resistant turf.